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What to expect on your first visit

Prior to your visit, you will receive new patient paperwork that will help Dr. Privitera understand your musculoskeletal complaint in the context of your medical history. You can also download the new patient form by clicking these links:


To help expedite your visit, please fill these out prior to your visit and bring them to your appointment.   If you have seen an orthopaedic provider in the past, to ensure proper continuity of care, when possible, you will need to sign a release of records prior to your visit so that we can have previous office and operative notes available on your first visit.

On the day of your visit please bring:

  • Your insurance card and primary care referral, if required.

  • Your medication list including herbal supplements and over-the-counter medications

  • A list of your past medical and surgical history.

  • A list of allergies and any reactions you have to medications.

  • Please wear clothes that allow for easy visibility of your problem area otherwise you will be asked to change into a gown or shorts.  For all shoulder conditions, Dr. Privitera will need to see both your shoulder and shoulder blade easily for a comprehensive evaluation.

  • If you have seen another orthopaedic physician for the same problem, please bring your x-rays, MRIs, and CT Scans on a disc unless the studies were performed in Warsaw at WCCHS.  Please also confirm prior to your visit that our office have received their office notes and/or operative reports (including any intraoperative photos) that are relevant to your presenting problem.

  • Most new patients need new X-rays for an evaluation.  Although previous X-rays are helpful, certain conditions require special X-ray views to better diagnose and help manage your problem.  If you have filled out your new patient paperwork and are getting new X-rays, please go to "Registration" on ground floor, 40-45 minutes in advance of your visit. You will then be directed to the X-ray department.  If you have not filled out new patient paperwork, please stop by the Orthopaedic Center of Care to pick this up prior to going to "Registration".  

  • Upon completing your paperwork and X-rays (when needed), a member of Dr. Privitera's team will assess your vitals and review your medical chart with you prior to your evaluation.  If you are younger than 18 you will need a parent or guardian to join you for your visit.  If you would like the comfort of a chaperone for your visit, please let the nurse know at this time and we would be happy to accommodate.  For the safety of those around you, please do not bring any pets, unless they are service animals.

  • Ask Dr. Privitera questions.  Dr. Privitera takes extra time to thoroughly evaluate and educate you on your condition.  Commonly, you will receive an information sheet with your diagnosis and pictures when relevant.  Dr. Privitera believes that a patient who understands their problem, not only is happier, but is more effective at treating their problem.  Do not hesitate to ask questions.  Any questions you forgot to ask during your visit can be addressed in follow-up or by phone.  

After your Visit

  • If Dr. Privitera recommends physical therapy, please bring the detailed script given to you, to your physical therapist.  If you need a recommendation for a physical therapist, feel free to ask Dr. Privitera or his staff.  He can also send his office note to your physical therapist to optimize your care.  

  • If Dr. Privitera recommends an image-guided joint injection, Dr. Privitera will perform this in the WCCHS radiology department on a separate day, often Friday afternoons.  


Clinical Team

Carolyn Wagner_edited.jpg

Carolyn Wagner  R.P.A.C

  Physician Assistant


Barb Cartwright L.P.N.

  Orthopaedic Nurse

Desirea Calvetti

Surgical Scheduler


Lisa Crane

Front Desk

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